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North China map showing earthquake sites
North China map showing earthquake sites
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Tangshan earthquake damage
1976 Tangshan Earthquake
The deadliest earthquake in modern times
~250,000 people killed


We are funded by the National Science Foundation’s PIRE (Partnerships for International Research and Education) Program to study intraplate earthquakes in North China, in collaboration with numerous top Chinese institutions. We will integrate seismic imaging of earth structure, geodetic measurement of crustal deformation, paleoseismic reconstruction of earthquake histories, and geodynamic computer simulations to understand the causes of large earthquakes in North China, a region with frequent destructive earthquakes including the 1976 Tangshan quake that killed 244,000 people. This project will foster a unique US-China partnership in geoscience research and education, and provide graduate and undergraduate students, as well as high school science teachers, opportunities to travel to China to work with Chinese students and scientists in field work and data analysis.

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