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2011 PIRE Teacher Training Schedule

We will offer professional development opportunities for high school and community-college science teachers from states around the New Madrid Seismic Zone (Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee). Selected teachers will participate in an intensive one-week workshop at MU that focuses on earthquakes and intraplate crustal deformation, especially the New Madrid and North China seismic zones. Participants will explore the history, topography, and fault movement associated with these fault zones through lectures, laboratory activities, field trips, and computer simulations. During the training participants will co-develop and adapt curriculum for earthquake science. The workshops and field trips will be run jointly with staff from IRIS, UNAVCO, and USGS.

This project will provide travel support and stipends for selected participants, who will also receive three semester hours of tuition-free graduate credit from the University of Missouri. Two of the lucky participating teachers will receive a scholarship that pays the full expense for traveling to China to work with project staff and Chinese Scientists in the field.


Dr. Lloyd Barrow, Professor
University of Missouri-Columbia
phone: 573-882-7457